A Prayer In The Wind
Could Ever Be
Love In Creation
I Am
A New Beginning To An Old End (instrumental)
The Beauty of Decay
The Suffering of Love and Perfection
Unleash The Wrath
My Body, A Temple
Not Words
Building Infrastructure
The Love I Need
Hmmm (instrumental)
Let It Out
Break Free
Anyone Left Who Cares ?
Kill or Die
Somewhere Far Away (instrumental)
Pulling On A Broken String (instrumental)

What Tomorrow Could Bring
Love Like God
A Shower For The Soul
An Ungrateful Dying World
This Wicked Place Called Earth
Fill The Hole In My Soul With Love
Devote My Soul
Darkness Blinds My Eyes

Death Takes Hold
An End To Come
My Agony
Bound For Darkness
Evil Day
Motherly Love
Toshua (instrumental)
Starraye (instrumental)
Love To Eternity
Wanting To Be Wanted
The Final Curtain (outrumental)

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