As I walk before you in this Kingdom of Hell,
I lend you the wisdom that I have learned well..

All of this pain,
all of this hate,
all of this killing,
all of this rape,
all of this sodomy,
all of these gays,
all of this robbing,
End of our days.

All of this death,
all of this sin,
all this evil,
we're feeling within.
all of these signs,
foretold to come,
unfolding now,
in the Millennium.

Destruction from above,
Is God's message not clear?
The hatred from unlove,
Why don't you love one another?

While your drowning in piss,
Suffering for your sins,
You're cleansing is now,
Go and sin not again!
Heed to the words,
that come from my mouth
and read the Bible,
for your fucking self!

All you atheistic bastards,
and you holier-than-thou pieces of shit!


Words & Music © Heaven's Daemon 2006

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