[sound clip] - [I do not want you in my house anymore,
Do you understand.
I do not want you, I do not want you.]

Fuck you bitch, I know you care,
Stop giving me all your despair,
It's not something I want to hear.

[sound clip] - [Your miserable just like he(dad) was,
and that's just the way you'll die,
just as fucking rotten as he did.]

In my time and in my day,
With my God and in His way,
I'll have my time to pass away.

[sound clip] - [You know what happened to him don't ya?
Same thing will happen to you.]

No it won't I'd like to say,
How would you know anyway,
Do you wish it would so I'd go away... Yeah?

[sound clip] - [All these people will build up on you,
sooner or later,
and I'll find you dead somewhere too.]

Why you try to make me cry?
Why did you make me shy?
Do you really wish I'd die?

[sound clip] - [That's what happens to people that treat other people rotten.]

[sound clip] - [You can stick it up your ass for all I care. So There....]

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