Deep inside you know you need,
Something more than you can see,
What it is you need to feel,
Is to know that God is real,
Inside your soul He's always there,
If you take the time to care,
Find the truth, dispel the lies,
Wisdom from God never hides.

Deep inside you've always known,
That you were not meant to be alone,
But finding love on planet earth,
Maybe not be all what's its worth,
All the Heavens will applaud,
If you Find your love in God,
Search for love inside your soul,
Then true love you will know.

You should try to direct,
All your strength to be perfect,
The goal of life, as you should know,
Is to become a perfect soul,
As you live and as you die,
Your soul lives on for another try,
All of this will make some sense,
As you reach Pure Consciousness.

There is no greater love,
Than that which comes from God above.

What you feel is..
You need to be loved!
What you need is..
A love like God!

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