Oh, You gotta let it out,
Scream and shout!
Get the beast out!


You've come a long way,
You've got to hang on,
So you don't slip away.

Scream for Heaven,
Shout from hell,
The devil's dancing
with the farmer in the dell.
Cry for Heaven,
Run from hell,
Now it's too late,
you know damn well.

Satan's coming for a soul to steal,
But thank God, Jesus comes to heal,
name of the Father,
name of the Son,
and in the name of the Holy One,
Bless us now and at the hour of our death,
even until our very last breath,
that all our souls can find some peace,
the rewards of our faith we can reap,
and I pray to the Lord my soul to keep!


Words & Music © Heaven's Daemon 2006

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