This is a list of guys I get told I look like!
(this is not a list of guys I believe I look like, because I just think I look like myself!)

sweetlayla_2: Im from Australia its just u remind me of blair from thE Australian Big brother
sexy_jasmina: u look like davis craig
3Rob3: u look like cha chi off Happy Days lol
lil_hotty_1824: honestly rockn rick you look like buzz off toy story
SeXyLiLDeViLjUsT4u: you look like the Rock
o0o0PiNk_SmUrFeTTe0o0o: you remind me of my friends bro fred
natasha_176: you looklike enrique iglesias
groovybabe2002: u look like a t.v star in aussie
T_Dot_Shortee: you sort of look like Joee from Friends
NeKeD_GuMMiE_BeAR: and hey, other than sort of resemble Vin Diesel..a little...kinda.
LiLpLaYeTtE420420: u look like a friend of daryls
SummerLoverChik: you kind of look like that jay hernandez guy from crazy beautiful with kirsten duntz or whatever
RandyMandy690: u kno who u look like when ya do that lol ....alien ant farm
nebula_1: you look like this guy i know, from canada, whos name is also rick
nebula_1: you know who else you look like? you look like howie, from the backsktreet boys
GrRrRrBabyGrRrRr: u look like johnny depp
Thanks_For_The_Ether: almost look a little like John Laquezamo. ..or however you spell his name.
Sarcastic_Princess: rick no affence u look like one of the backstreet boys mixxed with a guy from real world
bright_eyez: haha no you look like a kid i know from here that i used to go to school with...
xoxjillxox whispers to you> u look like jesse metcalfe
bluemilo87 whispers to you> dude u look like joey from friends alil
Lindsey says: U look like Howie from Backstreet Boys
<thumper77> You know you kinda look like joey off of friends lol
<musiqluvinfool> oh ok cause u look a lot like muh friend jason
<flop4twentymc>  you look like this guy down the road that owes me money
º●ғυиҝyѕтоиεя●º: u look like steve-o
wobina: you look kinda like steve o kind of
lovesaidno33: you look like ville valo
iammitch: rick are you the rock xD
Lola: You would look like johnny depp, if you had longer hair, wore some eyeliner, and dressed like a pirate! Hey....that would be pretty sexy
thecuteshorty: u look like the guy offa jackass lol..stevo i think lol..the main guy
guitarist735: oh oh oh u look like howie from the benchwarmers lol
Kill-Em-All: rick you look like philp anselmo haha, slightly, when your headbanging you do.
theseedofsin: rock looks like a cross between bubba gump & chis daughtry..
hunter13303: You sorta look like one of the guys in Linkan Park
tinkrae: u look like my future man lol jk
hunter13303: You look like Marcus Pheonix
invalid_username: oh shit, I just dozed off there. omfg Rick you look sooo freakin much like joey from Friends
thegooch666: well you look like joey rick
Uncle Phil: rockin rick looks like chris angel
FeZRockZ: Rick I think you look like scott ian
yonika: you look like my Polish cousin who is 6 feet tall
Baby Jonathan: and u look kinda like b town from impending doom, but thinner
javiface: dysphorick. you look like Fernando alonso
nikesbskater: dysphorick u look like joe rogan
drop dead fred did it: dys you look like that guy that plays a werewolf on The Vampire DIaries
tweak815: dude u look like atmosphere
chevroletpower89: u look like the guy off of barter kings
PinkLime21: Ryan from teen mom.

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