I recommend you tap into
the powers granted in your soul.
The gift of life and love to know,
this holiness has been bestowed,
unto you, this unclean flesh!
Look deep into your mind,
pause, and listen inside.
Heed the voice of consciousness,
your will and reasoning, let it manifest.
Fear not that which you can not understand,
Do not embrace the wills of man,
Release your potential and take God's hand.
Understanding is not far away,
Let your prior hate decay,
forget the evil you have known,
become one not own your own.

I recommend that you bow your life
before the powers that be,
for you must know that you did not
create this life from thy own hand,
and must commend thy hope into the
existence of something far greater than you or I.
So incredibly superior to anything you or I could ever be!


Words & Music © Heaven's Daemon 2006

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