Is there any one left who cares?
Any one without hopeless despair?
Any one left to repair,
All the damage that we've done?

Any one left in this place,
Who can save a dying race,
From the path of it's own disgrace,
before destruction shows it's face?

Is there any one left in time,
Who can change a dying mind,
To redeem himself of his kind,
For the path that truth can bring?

Is there any one for God's sake,
Who can make the living wake,
From the slumber that their souls take,
From the lives that they've become?

Any one or anything,
I believe in what I sing,
I can't see what the future brings,
But if we don't change, it won't be nice.

It won't be nice!!!!
It won't be nice!!!

(guitar solo)

Is there any one to uptake,
All this hate we make,
Any one who can shake
A finger and make it go away.

Is there any one at all,
To catch the children when they fall,
Any one at all,
Who can make it go away!?

Make it go away!!

(guitar solo)


Words & Music © Heaven's Daemon 2006

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